Church of the Hills is a family centered, interdenominational worship center located in Lometa, Texas.  Our identity is that of a blended audience of imperfect people, serving a perfect and forgiving God.  Our Spirit-led services allow the worshiper to experience a dynamic relationship with Christ on a one-on-one basis.  Lively music, and open worship create an uplifting environment for the spirit and the soul.  Come join us!  You are welcome at Church of the Hills!



We believe that salvation begins at repentance (…saying “I do” to Christ…) and ends with His acceptance of our service to Him (…His saying “well done” to us…) as Christians.


We believe that baptism is an essential element to your salvation path

Spirit Infilling

We believe that Spirit infilling is paramount to pleasing God in service and empowerment as a Christian.

Christian Responsibility

We believe that it is the responsibility of Christians to represent Him in all facets of life, loving others as Christ loves the church.

Heaven and Hell

We believe that there is a final reward for those who have successfully lived a grace sponsored life for Christ.  Believers who practice God pleasing principles will ultimately receive a heavenly reward prepared by Christ himself.

Hell is reserved for those living in constant opposition to extended grace and mercy at the time of Christ’s return.

Tithing and Offering

We practice the covenant of tithing (“the tenth” in Hebrew) and offerings on a voluntary basis.  We teach and believe that the covenant blessings associated with these  freewill practices are perpetrated between the believer and God.

Family Centered

And we truly mean it!  Of the five Genesis institutions, family was the third created relational institution.  We advocate strong families, and attempt to provide teaching, example, and social activities toward that belief.  Come join a truly family centered church.  You’ll be glad you did!


Financial and Real Estate Development

In 2015, we became debt free as a real estate entity!  We are excited about the path forward from here.  Plans for the 110 acre complex include a retreat style compound containing cabins and RV pull-through spaces.  These will be used for retreats and events, as well as help for returning missionaries and traveling evangelists.

Scope of Ministry

Our ministry mission is architected to include three areas of focus:  Local, Regional, and Global.  To that intent, we dedicate our time, energy, and prayer.  Check out our focus ministries, such as Jesus Street - our local widow and orphans ministry, our Missions International team trips to foreign countries, or our regional Bible Studies and Sunday School activities.

Daily Verse:

 Nehemiah 12:35 (NKJ)
and some of the priests' sons with trumpets; Zechariah the son of Jonathan, the son of Shemaiah, the son of Mattaniah, the son of Michaiah, the son of Zaccur, the son of Asaph,
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Sunday School 9:30 AM
Praise & Worship 10:30 AM
The Harbor Student Worship Service 6:00 PM
Family Meal 6:00 PM
Bible Study 6:30 PM

Church of the Hills
14149 Highway 183 MAIL: PO Box 119
Lometa, TX 76853
PH: 512-752-3316
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